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Welcome to Enlightenment. Here you can touch the sacred godhead of Buddha mind Treasure. This is a guided meditation released for your mind, body and soul.
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Dec 29, 2017

Let the true buddha embrace your inner spirit! 

Sep 12, 2017

Feel the heart in your chest. Let your breathe rise and fall. You have this. The world is only here for a while. You are only here for a while. Punch the sun. Gently xoxoxo

Feb 21, 2017

The highest peaks are only small in the hearts of the true buddha. Simply breathe and relax and let your spirit soar all over the place. Let the universe wash over you. You can get a great wash that way. The universe is a really big shower. You are a part of that. 

Oct 24, 2016

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Relax and be one with the waves and the discounts. May the glorious all seeing eye of buddha wink at your butt. 


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Jul 21, 2016

My special blessed friends. Sorry I have been away for so long in the chill dimension. Let the wash of joy clean your face. I am here now.

May 22, 2016

Friendss and special beings made of pure light and magic. Another journey has arrived for you to take. Just hop on and ride off into the mist. It is safe and wonderful out there. Have the best of times. Relax and enjoy your time on this plane of existence.


Bless you all with pure love.


@bartlol for twitter and instagram. xxoxo 

May 7, 2016

The connection of all is close to your heart and mind. The fallow joy of swords and the undeniable mastery of the self is just a step away. Feel it and enjoy. 

Apr 23, 2016

Feel the universe flow through you. Get the power of master and magic in your legs and face. 


Match your eye with the sky.




Apr 3, 2016

YESSS! Super snakes and wind Angels protect you all! The world is a brisket! 




Twitter/instagram @barlol


Happy travels friend. 

Mar 25, 2016

Life is a beach but is also a great magical sound cloud. It is also a waterfall and a bag of old cookies. Make the world lighter with your dance like steps and always eat organic fabric. Bless you all

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Mar 12, 2016

You are the all powerful magnet force. You are the special sky leaver.

Mar 7, 2016

Your mind is a powerful machine. Don't let it be your master. You are a ship and the ocean. You are the waves of joy that crash all parties. 


hot tank 

Feb 28, 2016

You are the shining face of a glorious sun! Be warm and joyous! Eat your clams. Feel the vitamins. 


Bless the yolo. Buddha has had a bit of fun with your shoe. He might of melted them together in a nuclear sound vault. 



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Feb 20, 2016

We have all been places. We are all going places. Breathe deep and fade into the cosmos. 

Feb 12, 2016

Just keep at it! You can get there. Focus on what you want. The universe might help you. Breathe deep! Eat a clam. They are tasty. If the right chef is involved. 


fancy time. 

Feb 5, 2016

Get up and do it! You can make a difference. Be the super person you can be. Relax. 


Bless you all. 

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Jan 30, 2016

You can do it! Stay full of the Universe.



Jan 22, 2016

Moving through life with one leg at a time. You have the power to get over hills. Whether they are in your mind or they are actually real hills!


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Jan 16, 2016

Let the universe into your house. Let it eat your food and clean your yard. It is a nice Universe. Relax and be level. Let the light attack your doubt.


Jan 8, 2016

We are all full of special magic from all of the universe! Let it come out of you. Dogs are great pets. Plant your own garden! Stay free and wonderful. Help your friends. 


This is Spirit Blast! Relax and enjoy xoxo



Jan 1, 2016

We are all new and old. Born again and bless with the power of the universe. We all touch angels and sing to the solar heavens. Go with the earth moth. 

Dec 25, 2015

Let your heart open up and flow with pure love and giving in this season and all seasons! You are a great giant wonderful angel sitting next to the special god.


Please come with me! 

Dec 21, 2015

Love is all around us! Let it flow into your heart. Give it to those who need it. Stay open and free.


Friendship is special! 

Dec 10, 2015

Everything passes. Time continues to flow. Flow with Bart Freebairn on this wonderful journey! Enjoy Spirit Blast! 

Bless you all with infinite happiness and good times.

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Dec 3, 2015

Let your heart grow and flow. Let it take over your anger mind. Bless the eternal goddess of eyes.

@bartlol Twitter/instagram 


Stay fresh! tell your pals! Be a champion. Be a yoga master. Be relaxed. 

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